If you’ve landed here via my book, “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas”–Welcome!

And if you happened by because of the wonderful, worldwide web–welcome!

My purpose in this online corner is to provide resources and inspiration for the Christmas season, a quiet place where you’ll find some poetry, music and maybe an extra idea or two that will add to your enjoyment of the holidays ahead.

Sometimes we observe an event or special day, not my marking it with actions so much as attitude–a frame of mind. In Living the Season Well I share many Action Ideas that you can incorporate with your family to simplify and slow down the holiday season, from Advent beginning December 3rd all the way through Epiphany on January 6th.

In the journey to join your hands and heart and those of your family’s with practices that mark the coming Christmas occasions, perhaps they will begin with what you read, what you hear, then held in your head to mark the days ahead.

A poem, a prayer, a “perhaps” can all lead to a practice.

Here are some poems, some ideas, and an occasional prayer that you will be nudged towards the perhaps of change that will make your Christmas different this year.

We can reclaim Christmas from the frenzy of gift-giving and presents it has become and mark it by savoring the presence of God and the people in our lives.

Let’s start small, start now.